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Taste the Difference in Our CBD E-Liquid Flavors!

Most of the CBD e-liquid you find online are all the same. They’re decent enough for what you want, but seriously lacking the “wow” factor you crave.

At Hemp Hookahzz, our CBD e-liquid flavors are on another level. Because with our flavors, you’ll actually be able to taste the difference. And here’s why…

Try the Fun CBD E-Liquid Flavors from Hemp Hookahzz

Hemp Hookahzz Flavored CBD E-Liquid  Pink Diva flavor

Everyone knows smoking e-cigs is more fun with flavor! We have great-tasting CBD e-liquid for sale on our website in a variety of unique tastes.

Razzleberry – This refreshing flavor offers you a blast of berries and grapes. A zingy flavor that is sure to delight!

Pink Diva – One of the top choices of CBD liquid for e-cig enthusiasts. If you want a melon flavor that packs a pop, Pink Diva will be your go-to choice!

Melon Madnezz – This fan favorite combines a delicious blend of honeydew and watermelon for a flavor that will drive you mad. You won’t be able to keep this one full for long!

Fresh Mintzz – Mint is a popular CBD e-liquid flavor that has provided smokers plenty of freshness. Our unique take on the flavor adds the natural goodness of our high quality CBD into an awesome combination.

We also have Tropical, Mango, and Custard Pudding flavors to tantalize your taste buds.

Hemp Hookahzz Natural E-Liquid Sets Us Apart from the Rest

Did you know that 99% of all CBD vape oil on the market comes from China? And that it is made with preservatives, unnatural additives, and sometimes even formaldehyde? Most of this kind of CBD eliquid isn’t tested for quality assurance either. Whether you’re just starting out or are a veteran to the e-cig scene, this should raise some major red flags.

Don’t settle for lesser, possibly even dangerous, products. Do away with e-liquid that uses high levels of Propylene Glycol and instead make a healthier choice with Hemp Hookahzz’s vegetable glycerin-based product. And it’s even made from high-quality, lab-tested hemp oil. We even make our CBD hemp oil in a nicotine-free option, so you can smoke the way you want!

Two Great Ways to Smoke

Using flavored CBD oil for vaping purposes is great and all. But what’s the use of all that flavor without a convenient way to smoke it? We at Hemp Hookahzz offer you two easy, even stylish ways to smoke.

An EVOD CBD e-cig is what most people think of when they think of e-cigs. This reliable vaping product is easy-to-use and even easier to fill with delicious flavor.

For extra style points our world-first folding e-pipe is sleek, cool, and works with all our CBD vape juice. Our e-pipe gives you a refined feeling while letting you enjoy all the same CBD e-liquid effects of the more traditional EVOD e-cig.

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Why are CBD Vape E-Cigs So Popular?

Chances are you’ve seen e-cigs around. On the morning commute, in the supermarket, or even in the office— wherever you look, it seems people are vaping CBD e liquid.

But what makes CBD e-cigs so popular? We at Hemp Hookahzz believe there are several qualities that contribute to their popularity. These reasons explain why modern smokers simply can’t get enough of CBD vape oil from e-cigs!

Hemp Hookahzz CBD e-cig in double applezz

Reason #1: Portable and Convenient

It’s a fast-paced world we live in. Not everyone has time to take CBD wax. That’s why many e-cigs are now coming with CBD, so you can have a great smoke experience when and where you want it. Since most e-cigs are not much bigger than standard ink pens, they can fit easily in your pocket or purse.

E-cigs with CBD e liquid are also incredibly convenient. You can get 800 puffs from a single e-cig. CBD vape oil for e-cigs also solves the inconvenience of running out of smokes. Simply recharge your battery, and you and your e-cig are back in business!

Reason #2: High Quality Ingredients

People want a high quality product. And when they find it, they are willing to put their trust in it. How else can you explain the extreme popularity of CBD eliquid?

CBD extracted from high quality hemp cultivated in hemp-friendly countries provides us with a trendy and trustworthy way to consume CBD oil for vaping. Our own CBD oil is made with natural, food-grade ingredients and made in a US-based facility!

Reason #3: Tasty CBD E Liquid Flavors

This last reason needs no convincing. Half the fun of e-cigs is getting to try all the awesome flavors available to you. And you better believe that CBD vape juice comes in just as many exciting flavors as regular e-juice!

Flavors such as melon, apple, custard, mango, and mint are already immensely popular among the e-cig community. But now they’re available with CBD to offer you an even more enjoyable vape!

Try Vape E Cigs Today!

Convenience and quality are important to consumers. We think a product that offers these is exactly why CBD e-cigs have taken off. And with great flavors added into the mix, people are even more on board with CBD e-cigs than ever before.

Have you been looking for CBD e liquid for sale? CBD oil, combined with the popularity of e-cigs, is sweeping the nation. Be part of the revolution today!

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5 Facts About CBD Oil You Absolutely Need to Know

So you’ve been hearing a lot about CBD oil lately. Maybe you’ve already picked up some CBD e liquid to try out. But before you see what the big deal is, you might want to learn a bit more about it.

We at Hemp Hookahzz have put together a list of 5 need-to-know facts about CBD. These should be enough to help you reach a decision on whether CBD is right for you.

Hemp Hookahzz CBD oil E Liquid Fresh Mint

1. CBD comes from cannabis.

The first thing most people learn about CBD is its relation to the THC strain of hemp. This is because most CBD on the market is extracted from hemp, which is part of the cannabis family—same as the recreational cousin. From this, many assume CBD oil effects are similar, which simply isn’t true.

2. CBD oil is not psychoactive.

Many people assume CBD oil contains THC, the psychoactive component found in other hemp strains. But as you know from the section above, CBD may be extracted from hemp. In the argument of THC vs CBD, legal products that use hemp with a high strain of CBD contain CBD oil with less than 1% THC, meaning you won’t get “high” from it.

3. You can consume CBD all by itself.

Most CBD e-liquid and even CBD wax can be vaped. However, you can take CBD oil as you would a dietary supplement. This form of CBD seems to be becoming more popular by the day.

Hemp Hookahzz CBD Wax CBD Dabs

4. Research is being done about CBD having medicinal properties.

CBD is as controversial a topic as they come in the vaping world. Just what is CBD good for? For years many have praised CBD oil benefits, however, these benefits are not universally accepted. There is good news, though—new research studies are being performed on CBD oil to try and find conclusive proof of its benefits. Until then, you’ll just have to enjoy CBD e juice as an alternative e-cig liquid!

5. Most CBD is not FDA-approved.

Despite all the great possibilities surrounding CBD oil, most products that contain it are not approved by the FDA. However, there are electronic cigarette store options out there that carry FDA-approved products. You just have to know where to look!

Now that you know the most important facts about CBD, you’re good to try CBD at your leisure. Just keep them in mind (maybe print up this blog and post it next to your computer) when you’re looking for new products to try!

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Can You Vaporize CBD Oil?

No doubt you’ve heard of this CBD oil currently sweeping the smoke and vape world. But as a vape enthusiast, you might be wondering if it’s right for you. Since you’re always on the lookout for the next big thing in vaping, you might be wondering: Can you vaporize CBD oil?

“Vaporize my CBD oil? Why would I want to do that?”Hemp Hookahzz CBD Eliquid Pink Diva

What is CBD good for? Before you learn whether you can vaporize CBD oil or not, you need to know if you should. And the answer to that is definitely ‘yes!’

There are many supposed CBD oil effects. Some of them are quite amazing and are currently being backed up by research studies to prove their authenticity. But because of the FDA regulation on hemp, which CBD oil comes from, it’s hard to find a firm answer on what CBD oil does for you. But believe us when we say you definitely want to try it.

What we can say about CBD/cannabidiol is this: Our CBD vape oil is non-synthetic and contains less than 1% THC (the psychoactive compound found in the THC variety f Hemp). So with that in mind, you now know enough about CBD oil to know it’s something to keep your eye on!

How Vaporizing Works

It’s easier to understand the hype behind CBD oil when you see how it actually works. And the truth is that CBD oil for vaping works just like your normal e-liquid.

Each bottle of CBD e-liquid contains up to 18mg, 24mg, or 40mg of CBD. It even comes in the great flavors you know and love such as Mint, Apple, Mango, Melon, and many others. All you do is add it to your vape pen or e-pipe and let the atomizer do its work. The atomizer will heat up your e-liquid and turn it into vapor, which you can inhale and enjoy.

See? Vaping CBD oil isn’t only easy and familiar, it’s fun too!

Where to Start with CBD

So the answer is yes—you can vaporize CBD oil. But vaping isn’t the only way you can gain the great number of CBD oil benefits. A range of CBD products are available to you at our electronic cigarette store, making CBD oil easy to take wherever you might be.

Waxes and dabs, e-pipes, disposable e-cigs, and more are great ways to fulfill your CBD craving. And now that you know you can vape CBD oil too, you can choose the way that fits you best.