Buy Hookahzz CBD Oil Vapes in Indianapolis at CBD Revolution

Buy Hookahzz CBD Oil Vapes in Indianapolis at CBD Revolution

Hookahzz CBD oil vapes will be for sale at the new CBD Revolution store in the Washington Square Mall in Indianapolis, IN. Guests at CBD Revolution can browse a wide selection of CBD oil products, compare prices, and even sample Hookahzz products before making a buying decision.

Inside what used to be a Kay Jewelers, shoppers can now learn more about nature’s gem, CBD oil. CBD Revolution is more than just a CBD oil store. Not only can you find all types of CBD oil and hemp products, there is also a live recording studio that is open to the public. “There is no fee to use the studio. It has to do with helping people heal,” says CBD Revolution owner, Frederick Erdmann.

Guests at CBD Revolution can sample Hookahzz products such as our new 500mg Gold Oil Kit.

Hookahzz Exclusive Interview

Get to know US Marine Corps Veteran, and CBD Revolution President, Frederick Erdmann. 

Fredrick Erdmann, President of CBD Revolution. Follow CBD Revolution on Facebook.

Hookahzz: When is or was the Grand Opening of CBD Revolution?

Frederick: The Grand Opening was September 1st. I originally had it scheduled for July 1st, but I kept getting delayed from red tape issues. I was planning a big event for the Grand opening, but with all the delays, I never really had a solid date to open and I did not do much as far as marketing went.

H: What inspired you to open CBD Revolution?

F: About a year ago I developed Arthritis throughout my body. I had swelling and pain in my legs that caused me to use a cane. Sometimes my joints would be in excruciating pain. The VA Hospital could only give me prosthetic braces for my joints. I always wanted to try CBD oil but I could not get it out here, it was still illegal at the time. I did finally manage to order some from a MLM company and started taking CBD oil tincture drops. After about 2 weeks of being on CBD, my arthritis went away. It disappeared. All of my swelling went away as well. I became active once again and I was so happy and impressed by the CBD that I made a commitment to myself that I would educate the population on the awesome health benefits of CBD and help to bring about natural healing because of my strong belief for CBD and its healing powers.

H: I heard you are a military veteran, any comments on that?

F: I spent 8 years in the Marine Corps, from 1993 until 2001, did tours overseas, spent some time in Jordan and Kuwait, and was stationed at Camp Pendleton when we were home, where my duty was a Helicopter mechanic, I received an honorable discharge in January 2001.

H: What kind of products can be found at CBD revolution?

F: The products at CBD REVOLUTION all revolve around Hemp. I will not sell any product that does not come from the Hemp plant. I carry different strengths of Organic Hemp CBD oil from the top growers in the industry. I did many hours of research to only carry the best products. I have CBD for Pets, I have a full line of Anti-Aging skin lotions, sprays and creams. I carry capsules, slab and isolates which are 99% Pure CBD in crystal form. I have a line of Hemp clothing that is very popular in Colorado. I have CBD infused Bath Bombs, hemp jewelry and bracelets. I just expanded my inventory, I came into contact with a company that makes very unusual and hard to find products with CBD. I am also creating a Vape Bar inside the store with a full line of high quality Vape products, but the main Vape products will be from Hemp Hookahzz, because of the high quality ingredients and awesome art design on there Vapes.

H: What is the Green Room at CBD Revolution?

F: The “Green Room” is a recording studio that I created for the community and customers who would like to go live feed to Social Media, or YouTube and show off their talents or give a shout out or promote an event. I offer Studio Time free of charge. There is no fee to use the studio. It has to do with helping people heal. When people come to the store, it’s very unusual and interesting and the atmosphere gives off positive energy. I already had some performers in the studio and i have more people scheduled to use the studio, however, you don’t need an appointment, Im ready to go live feed, and I have the microphones and music ready at all times just in case there is an overnight sensation just waiting to happen.

Visit CBD Revolution at the Washington Square Mall in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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