Cari Bacon

Taste the Difference in Our CBD E-Liquid Flavors!

Most of the CBD e-liquid you find online are all the same. They’re decent enough for what you want, but seriously lacking the “wow” factor you crave.

At Hemp Hookahzz, our CBD e-liquid flavors are on another level. Because with our flavors, you’ll actually be able to taste the difference. And here’s why…

Try the Fun CBD E-Liquid Flavors from Hemp Hookahzz

Everyone knows smoking e-cigs is more fun with flavor! We have great-tasting CBD e-liquid for sale on our website in a variety of unique tastes.

Pineapple Express – Our best selling flavor. Tastes sweet, tangy and a little citrusy. This flavor will remind you of a fresh juicy pineapple.

Custard – For those who love sweets, try our Custard flavor! Tastes like a creamy vanilla cupcake.

Pink Diva – One of the top choices of CBD liquid for e-cig enthusiasts. If you want a melon flavor that packs a pop, Pink Diva will be your go-to choice!

Melon Madnezz – This fan favorite combines a delicious blend of honeydew and watermelon for a flavor that will drive you mad. You won’t be able to keep this one full for long!

Fresh Mintzz – Mint is a popular CBD e-liquid flavor that has provided smokers plenty of freshness. Our unique take on the flavor adds the natural goodness of our high quality CBD into an awesome combination.

Gold – For those who love a classic, our unflavored gold oil takes a no-frills approach to vape juice.

Hemp Hookahzz Natural E-Liquid Sets Us Apart from the Rest

Did you know that 99% of all CBD vape oil on the market comes from China? And that it is made with preservatives, unnatural additives, and sometimes even formaldehyde? Most of this kind of CBD eliquid isn’t tested for quality assurance either. Whether you’re just starting out or are a veteran to the e-cig scene, this should raise some major red flags.

Don’t settle for lesser, possibly even dangerous, products. Do away with e-liquid that uses high levels of Propylene Glycol and instead make a healthier choice with Hemp Hookahzz’s MCT Oil-based product. And it’s even made from high-quality, lab-tested hemp oil. We even make our CBD hemp oil in a nicotine-free option, so you can smoke the way you want!

by Cari Bacon