An Alternative Way to Celebrate 4-20

100% Cannabis oil electronic cigarettes

Here at Hemp Hookahzz, we are obviously committed and vocal proponents of CBD. While we don’t judge or denounce anyone who chooses to partake in the more ubiquitous source of CBD, found in the Hemp cousin, we did make it a point to offer people an alternative way to celebrate this year’s 4/20: switching from smoking pot to vaping CBD. We believe that CBD, as the ingredient in cannabis that has the most to offer in terms of health and the treatment of serious conditions.

In our efforts to spread that word and issue this challenge to as many people as we could, we were happy to catch the attention of Westword, a Denver-based News site that was happy to share our message with its readers. As Westword writes in their story, they have “been absolutely inundated with cannabis-related product pitches in the days leading up to what’s likely to be the largest 4/20 celebration in Colorado history… But the one from the folks at California-based Hemp Hookahzz definitely grabbed our attention.” They go on to share some of our thoughts about the potential benefits ditching THC in lieu of the natural CBD found in our vaping and oil products. Check out the article over on Westword’s site, and let us know if you’re one of the people we’ve already convinced, or someone we’ve gotten interested!

by hemphookahzz